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Horáková apartment building

Category: Apartment buildings

Horáková apartment building

Location: Horáková st., Liberec
Phase: Study
Autors: Ing. arch. Jiří Písek,
Ing. arch. Jan Seyček,
Ing. Jan Krauz
Date: 2008-


Horáková apartment building is located near the centre of Liberec. The building is connected to an existing built-up area and one side completes a block of buildings while the other side forms a corner between two roads. The building responds to these connections with its dynamic, arrow-like shape. The newly constructed building also comprises a tangible transition from the neighbouring high-rise Regional Authority building and a residential area. The building has one underground floor with garages and seven above-ground floors, of which the first is intended for commercial use and the remaining ones for residential use. Entry into the property is arranged together with servicing of the neighbouring property from Náchodská street.

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